The squares of the mattress:

Perhaps not everyone knows that mattress sizes are standard and have been established by a series of standards, and they follow directives that are obviously different for mattresses for children and adults. These measures vary slightly in different according to countries. Here are the standard dimensions of mattresses which may, however, be subject to variations:

Single: this is a mattress suitable for one person and measures 80/90 cm wide by 190/200 cm in length. This mattress is also called a “square”.

Double: also known as a double mattress, it is designed to accommodate two people, with a width of 160/170 cm and a length of 190/200 cm.

A square and a half: to be a little more comfortable when you are alone (or tight in two!), This mattress is a little wider than a single and has 120 cm of width and about 190 of length.

Made-to-measure mattresses: for those with special needs, it is also possible to have a mattress of the desired size.

In general, in addition to considering the space available in the home, your needs and the number of users who must sleep on the mattress, it is important to consider that the dimensions of your product must adapt perfectly to the network, without being smaller or exceeding it, in so as not to adversely affect comfort.

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The height of the mattress:

The height of the mattress is an important parameter to consider; if the mattress is too thin it will not have enough space inside it to accommodate a suitable structure to guarantee a comfortable sleep. In general, mattresses with a height between 23 and 30 cm are the best, but even those with a thickness of about 21 are very comfortable.

Depending on the weight of the user and the material that makes up the mattress itself, it will be necessary to ensure that the height is suitable and that it allows the user to support correctly without deforming with wear. In general, if a very high mattress does not create particular problems or discomfort in use, a too thin one can instead be uncomfortable and unhealthy, more easily causing muscle, cervical and joint pain (especially if it is the mattress on which you sleep daily )

Tips for choosing an ideal option for good sleep!

Don’t degrade your health for the sake of just a few bucks. It is not the money, which will give you complete comfort while sleeping. Though, a right mattress can give you a great level of comfort if you’ve invested in the right option. There exist several substitutes for a top-rated mattress. Though, it is necessary for you to choose the one which is completely suitable for your sleeping requirements. A healthy lifestyle is promoted with a balanced diet as well as quality sleep. Don’t degrade your sleep quality with any wrong decision.

Are you having some problem in reaching a good mattress option for your sleeping hours? Have you gone through the memory foam or innerspring models? Do you know about the benefits offered by a pillow-top mattress? Are you aware of the combined features offered by a hybrid mattress? If not, then start finding out the answer to these questions. It is important to choose a mattress which is suitable for your sleeping habits. The ideal mattress will make you reach to the beneficial health condition.

Be aware of your sleeping position

You should be aware of your sleeping position in advance or you might end up making the wrong choice. If you’re a person who sleeps on the stomach position, then it is good to choose a soft surface. The side sleepers should find a comfortable surface to support the neck, shoulder, and other body parts. The back sleepers can rest upon a firm surface to get adequate sleeping hours. It is the sleeping style which is extremely important to consider or else it could be a great trouble to get a good sleep at night. To get detailed information, visit Sleep Junkie.

Start saving some money to invest in the best quality mattress

The best quality mattress would be a little expensive. Though, it is important to choose the standard quality mattress which will give you a great support or comfort level during sleep time. Any compromising situation would result in a health hazard. A latex mattress is ruling over other types of mattresses. It is considered as the best option to enjoy a comfortable night-time sleeping environment. It is a synthetic mattress which is free from any harmful substances or chemicals. With such an organic latex mattress, you can get good health or even improve your health condition naturally.

How to choose the best mattress?

First of all, it is inevitable to dwell on the issue of brands: in recent years the growth of digital commerce has allowed better dissemination of information and exchange of opinions, some online trading platforms sell mattresses of the most famous brands at prices much more competitive than those which can offer a physical store.

On the online store, there are hundreds of models ready to satisfy every possible need, including the mattress with pocket springs and memory foam.

When choosing, it is also advisable to dwell on the physical characteristics of the mattress as there are springs, how many levels of lift it can withstand. If we are decidedly overweight it is good to find out about the maximum capacity of the mattress, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Unfortunately, the maximum capacity limits of a spring mattress are often around 110-120 kg, so it is necessary to pay attention to this aspect too in case of higher weights it is better to choose a good memory foam mattress.

Ergonomics is of equal importance, an ideal mattress should be the right combination of spinal support and comfort so if we want to focus on a product that is not too rigid, we should focus on memory foam.

The defects of the mattress with pocket springs and independent:

So the pocket spring mattress is the perfect mattress? Not really, it certainly gives a good compromise for customers who are fond of old orthopedic spring mattresses. Despite this, double-spring mattresses, above all, are those that bring out the defects of this type of product.

In fact, the springs, just as we said in the introduction, have the main defect of “bouncing”, which is why, while the differentiated areas are placed longitudinally. In the sense of width, in fact, they create an annoying undulating sensation, especially if on the mattress it rests in pairs and our partner has an agitated sleep. In these cases, it is always preferable to choose a good memory foam mattress.

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Is consulting to doctor mandatory?

The world is so busy to do all their routine activities but they don’t know if you want to get the quality sleep then you need to change the mattress now and about all of these facts you can once consult to the doctor. Consulting to doctor would help you to fix all the issues as soon as possible and really you don’t need to be worried because you can get rid out from all the skin reactions, pain and edges in your body when you once change the mattress and you need to get that one which recommended by the doctor. Seriously you don’t need to come in the sweet talk of a salesman because they are giving that matters to the customer on which they consume a lot of margins but you need to get that mattress which supports all your needs and would be giving you a pleasant sleep.

So you don’t need to underestimate this fact and really before to buy the mattress you need to consult from your doctor because they recommend you to get the exact one which helps you to fix all the health issues as soon as possible. Despite doing all the efforts you can one sculpting to your doctor and really you can get rid out from the confusion to buy a mattress because they help you to get the right mattress which supports to your body and the right body postures and movements you can do easily while you are sleeping on that mattress. Find the right bed for you at

The mattress is one of effective thing which help you to fix all the problems and especially you can get rid out of the health issues. Even you can pay attention to your life goals also and if you are facing the troubles in your business then you don’t need to be worried because if you are getting a right sleep then you can solve any problem easily. Some people get stressed because of their business and family problems but it now you don’t need to do it because you can fix all the issues repeatedly when you want to get the mattress which is made up of quality material.

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